Configuring an existing domain

You have two options to configure your domain.  You can transfer your domain name to Hitssports and we will make changes for you, or you can configure your domain name with your current provider so that it works with our system (this will only tend to be a good option if you purchased your domain name separately from a domain registrar).

If you wish to initiate a transfer please follow instructions at  Please follow the instructions in all emails sent to you in order to complete the transfer, you will need to ensure you have access to emails sent to the admin email contact setup for the domain name when you purchased it.  You must read these emails and approve the transfer when requested by your current registrar, otherwise the transfer will fail.

If you are transferring a domain name please see

If transferring a .com domain name you will first have needed to acquire the authorisation code to transfer the domain name from your existing provider.

We will receive a notification when your purchase has completed, and will configure the domain name for you.  The process can seem a little lengthy, however it is necessary to ensure domains cannot be maliciously transferred away from their rightful owners!

If you wish to configure the domain with your existing domain registrar.  The domain name should to be setup so that the root A record goes to the IP address, and a cname record should be added for the www record, pointing to  Please be sure that you don't set it up using web forwarding or framed forwarding as this will not work, you must configure the DNS record.  

IMPORTANT, Once you have configured your domain name, you will also need to link it to your website on our systems.  Instructions on linking your domain name are available at   Your site will always use one domain name as the default, this ensures that your site is only visible on your one domain name.  Running the same website on two or more domain names can have an adverse on search positioning, Google considers this duplicating content to try and achieve better results.

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