Transferring a domain name to Hitssports

To transfer a domain across to hitssports domains at

1)  Initiate the Transfer at the Current Registrar with whom you are managing your .UK domain name. You need to provide the IPS Tag of the Gaining (New) Registrar in order to initiate the Transfer. The IPS Tag for Hitssports Ltd is PDR-IN.
2) Go to enter your domain name, and click transfer.
3) Login to your existing account or create a new one.  (not the same as your club website login)
4) The registrant contact must be selected and MUST be the same as the current contact details for the domain.  This is used to match the domain name.  This means the name of the registrant if an individual, or the name of the company if the registrant contact is a non-individual.

Once the domain has successfully transferred we will configure it for you as we then have administrative access.

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