Configuring a header image for your website

The header photo you upload is displayed exactly as you upload it aligned to the top left of the screen, so you need to ensure you upload an image of the correct size.

The size required depends on the content of the image you upload,.  If you set your website to be full width, then the width of the header image space is variable, depending on the screen of the person viewing the website.   A high definition screen allows 1920 pixels in width, where as some screens allow just 800 pixels in width.

The only thing that is set is the height, we can't resize images automatically here as different people will want different functionality, some will upload a really wide image to cater for all scenarios, others will upload something that looks good when repeated.  In practice we recommend an image of 1920 pixels in width, but you should be aware that the right-hand portion of the image maybe cut off on smaller screens.

Any questions or advice required as always please raise a support ticket, and we'll be happy to advise.

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