How do I get my site to show up in search engines?

The way search engines work is that you need to go to each one and tell them about your website, then they send their automated "spider" to look at your website to index it so that they can include it in their search. Your site will not appear in any searches until you go to the search engines and let them know about it. Lots of thesearch engines share their results to provide the best coverage, so the simple rule to achieve decent results is really to target the main ones and the others tend take care of themselves.
A really good website with excellent information on searchengines is :, with this page particularly useful This shows how the main searchengines share results, and when you click each one in the diagram it gives you links through to add your url (To add your web page to the search engine in question). I suggest that you make sure you do this for Google, Dmoz and Yahoo, which you will see from the diagram are the main engines that feed many others results.
Hitssports sites are built to be open to searchengines, so you should find within a month or so (Yes it takes some time - sometimes up to 3 months) your site will show up, although there are never any guarantees, as we cannot control how the search engines decide to rank sites.

In order to ensure your website has the best chance of appearing on the searches you want it to appear for you should ensure you use these terms throughout the website.  Search engines index the content of your website, if you want to appear for "Cricket club in North London" for example, you should include this term in the text and title of pages on your website.
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    Hirantha Iddamalgoda

    "The way search engines work is that you need to go to each one and tell them about your website ...." how do you do this?


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