Is member data secure?

Yes your member's information is only displayed to those who are authorised to see it.

Member's contact information is never shown to the public.  Club members can access other senior members contact details, through the website when logged in.  Website administrator's who have access to the club database will always see all information on members that they can see in the club database, whether they view the members public profile or through the club database.

Public visitors will only be able to see a members name, and information entered in the details field (allowing you to enter information on the characters of your club if you wish).  Don't enter private information in the details field, there are private fields in the system which are only accessible to administrators that enable storing of private information.

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    Can you update this policy with a GDPR compliant policy please

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    David Allday

    I think a bit more information needs to be said about how the data is kept secure on your servers.

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