Administrator access

It is entirely up to inidividual clubs to decide who has access the administration area of your website.  We will not give setup access on your behalf under any circumstances, this is because we do not know your membership, and cannot make this decision for you.  

We often receive requests from club members to setup or restore their admin access.  We will not respond to these requests, the only people who can grant this access are existing "Super users" of your club's website.  If we were to provide assistance in this scenario we could potentially put the security of your members details in jeopardy so we will not do this.  The same applies to approval of member registrations.

If you have lost your password then the first step is always to complete a forgotten password form on your own website.  The link for this can be found underneath the login box on the side navigation bar.

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    Mayank Sharma

    I am the admin. My login id and password was working initially and suddenly it stopped working. It says cannot find the username or password.

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    Matt Howeson

    Hi Mayank, thanks for your comment.  The best way to resolve login issues such as this is to complete the forgot password form on your website.  You can enter either your username, or your registered email to get a password reset link sent.   Thanks for also submitting a support ticket through your website, this is always the best way to get support, I have responded there. 

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