Uploading new photos

Photos are uploaded through the photo galleries section, within the admin area.  This allows for upload of single or multiple photo and short videos.
  1. Click Photo galleries under the page content heading in the admin area. 
  2. You first need to add a gallery (click the "add new gallery" link)
  3. Then subsequently you should add photos to that gallery, by clicking the "photos" link in the list, next to the gallery you have just added. 
  4. To add a new photos or videos simply click the large button, and select any photos or videos you wish to add
  5. Edit any photos to give them more meaningful descriptions or to tag them with members and / or fixtures.
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    Geoff Short

    I cannot edit photos once uploaded and for some reason several photos have rotated 90 deg. It would seem that landscape photos stay as they are but portrait get rotated.

    Can this be rectified? 

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