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Our aim is to provide all of the facilities you need to maintain your website through the admin area, we have treid to make it a simple and easy process to add new members and fixtures to your website.  We are however often asked about importing data from existing spreadsheets.  

We are unable to provide an automed import function due to concersn with data integrity, however we can provide assistance by manually importing your data, this incurs a charge of £25 per import.  Imports can either be run for fixtures, or members, and are run to add to existing data (i.e must only include new data).  This is not necessary to use the system, it shouldn't be required for most clubs, but for some clubs it can provide an effective way of getting setup quickly.  

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    Haaroon Yousaf

    I'm sorry but this is simply an unacceptable answer. A medium-large club can have upwards of 75+ games a season and you believe they should all be manually imported one by one.

    HitSports this is completely poor customer service, you claim its too difficult yet them have the audacity to say you can charge for the service? It is extremely easy to create an importer, data integrity is fixed using a process called data cleaning and validation.

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    Matt Howeson

    Thanks for your feedback Haroon.  I hear your concern, it could be something we look into in the future if demand is high, it's not been the case up until now.

    Our testing shows is it really doesn't take very long to add fixtures manually, by the time you've typed them in or manipulated a spreadsheet you will likely find it takes similar time to add them through the web interface, which the handles all the data validation.  People do tend to be averse to data entry, it always feels mundane, and we too like to automate things, but it's not always quicker.  Have you tried adding fixtures one by one.  The system automatically increments the date a week for you, so when adding an individual team's fixtures all you typically have to do is type the opposition, set the venue, click save and then add next, the rest of the data normally comes when selecting the team nearer the time of the match.  As a test I just timed adding the full season of fixtures for my own club's 1XI, all 18 fixtures took 6 minutes.  The goal would be that each captain adds their own fixtures to the system, spreading this load, and ensuring any captains get familiar with the system at the beginning of the season.  This is important as it's fundamental to the platform working effectively for clubs that captains familiarise themselves with the interface.

    Hitssports was set up with aim to help clubs run more easily, and that continues to be the goal, whilst always aiming to keep costs as low as possible as we realise many sports clubs are on a tight budget.   I'm sorry you feel it's audacious to ask for a small fee for the time taken to handle the data cleansing and validation for clubs.  It's an add on service that we honestly don't feel clubs need to pay for at all, as the tools provided are designed to make it easy to add fixtures yourself.   We're really not about making money on this as a service, it's just about offering a service that a few clubs ask for, normally because they have little experience themselves, and are just happy to pay someone else to do it.  Almost every time we have done this, the data received is of a poor quality and needs multiple manual edits.  This is our real world experience working with numerous sports clubs over nearly 20 years, in a business environment dealing with developers and data systems it would doubtless be different.

    For your reference, for cricket clubs in the UK (which I think you belong to) with leagues run on the ECB play-cricket network, we offer an automated import of fixtures and results.  This can be found under Fixtures > Play-Cricket integration.

    We wish you all the best for a successful upcoming season.

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